Families today are more global and mobile than ever, equally their need for specific short term support is increasing.

Nanny-To-Go is an innovative service that is focused on temporary childcare i.e. travelling and emergencies or any situation where you need someone 24/7.

Raising happy children is one of the most precious and challenging jobs one can have. Nanny-To-Go wants to support parents in this task. We smoothly join your family, balancing and inspiring your home life while giving you space and time.


We support your children's intellectual curiosity, creative expression, emotional balance, social skills and spiritual grounding. Love is our priority - combined with authenticity, patience and an intuitive ability to adjust towards each individual family.


And last but not least it's about having a meaningful and fun time together!!

Our core team is made up of educators, each have an academic degree or comparable diploma. We are well-grounded and bright people, dedicated to our work with children and inspiring partners and friends to your family.